Changed mascot - Rebels, Johnny Reb


Status: Resolved
Established: 1991
Resolved: June 1st, 2020

A. B. Miller High School is one of five high schools in the Fontana Unified School District that services students in the Fontana area of California.

A.B. Miller High School is named after Azariel Blanchard Miller (1878–1941) who is credited as the founder of the city of Fontana. In 1905, he brought 200 head of horse, mules, plows, scrapers and tents into the area and began transforming 17,000 acres of sand, sage brush and rock into a great citrus fruit, poultry and livestock farm.

As of June 2020, Principal Dustin Saxton announced that the school would be removing all instances of the Rebel mascot and mentions of Rebel Nation.

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