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"At the start of each game, we welcomed the athletes onto the field with the Pow Wow drum beat. And then during the game, we also played the 'Savages' song from Pocahontas that goes like 'Savages, Savages, barely even human,' and we all thought it was a mark of pride," she said. 

"Through college, it really was a gradual exposure to other thoughts and ideas. Whenever people find out what the mascot is, you just see a look of shock and horror come over their face like, 'oh my gosh, is that really it?'"


"Lamar, home of the Savages, defends mascot as culture wars rage"

The Denver Post - April 2, 2015

"Student-made metal sculptures, some depicting American Indians, stand guard outside. Inside, the walls are a kaleidoscope of colors as a result of senior class art projects that have included elaborate and sophisticated murals. The Class of 1984 painted a camera with a roll of film spooling from it, an image of an American Indian among the frames. An enormous drawing of an Indian man, courtesy of the Class of 1978, dominates the cafeteria."

Signs taped to the wall advertise yearbooks for sale and Savage Pride. “Some wish for it. We work for it. #SavageNation.”

“If we had to change our name, folks around here would be pretty upset,” said former principal Allan Medina, who now serves on the school board. “What would we have to do with all our murals? Paint over them? Because I think they’re pretty respectful.”

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