Change the racist mascot - Raiders / Red Raiders


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“Seneca and Native American culture are reflected in the names of countless streets, towns and locations throughout Western New York,” Armstrong said. “Unfortunately, we also see the continued use of names and imagery, particularly in athletics programs, that degrade, mock, and offend Native traditions, Native culture, and Native people. The time for change has long since arrived, and the call should be heeded.” - President Rickey L. Armstrong Sr., Seneca Nation of Indians.

“Jamestown Public School District has a long and proud history with football, and the city of Jamestown has rallied around our sports teams as a shining example of athletic success for our students throughout the years,” the petition states. “With a renewed energy and focus on fighting racial injustice and with communities and individuals working hard to promote a culture of anti-racism personally and within their own communities, we would like to petition the Jamestown Public School District to change the name “Jamestown Red Raiders” and remove any Native American imagery from their logo and all sports/school paraphernalia/buildings, etc.”

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