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Status: Active
Established: 1952

Prior to 1997, Arcadia High School had used several Native American symbols in its branding, including an "Apache Joe" mascot, the Pow Wow school newspaper, the "Apache News" television program, the "Smoke Signals" news bulletin boards, the school's auxiliary team's marching "Apache Princesses" and opposing football team fans' "Scalp the Apaches".

In September 1997, the L.A. School Board banned the use of Indian mascots for its schools following criticism from several Native American groups. Members of the groups then advocated the same for Arcadia. The school consulted with Native American groups and made some concessions but did not change the mascot. Pow Wow and Apache News also retained their names.

Arcadia High School has established a relationship with the White Mountain Apaches and sponsors an annual charity drive to aid needy members of their community.

In July 2020, following several petitions to change the school's mascot, AUSD Superintendent David Vannasdall announced that the administration will consider possible options after schools resume in-class sessions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Campaigns & Petitions (2)

2020-06-22 • Active • change.org

2020-06-08 • Active • change.org

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