Are Native American High School Mascots On Their Way Out In Illinois? NPR - March 5, 2020

A bill introduced in the Illinois House would require high schools that want to continue using Native American mascots to follow several new steps or risk being ineligible for sports playoff games.

Illinois lawmakers have introduced a bill to ban Native American mascots - CNN - February 27, 2020


Amends the Interscholastic Athletic Organization Act. Provides that an association or other entity that has, as one of its purposes, promoting, sponsoring, regulating, or in any manner providing for interscholastic athletics or any form of athletic competition among schools and students within this State shall prohibit a member school from using a Native American logo or mascot or any other Native American imagery unless the school (1) has received the express written consent of a Native American tribe based within 500 miles of the school, which consent must be renewed every 5 years; (2) conducts a school-wide program on Native American culture at least twice per school year; (3) offers a course of study to its students outlining Native American contributions to society; and (4) files an annual report with the State Board of Education detailing what academic programs on Native Americans it has offered during the school year. Provides that the association or other entity shall investigate any failure to comply with this prohibition and the penalty for noncompliance shall be ineligibility to participate in any playoffs.

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